Project “Concerto Musica per il cinema”

As author of cinema scores since the end of the ’70s onward, Franco Piersanti has composed over one hundred scores working with Nanni Moretti, Gianni Amelio, Ermanno Olmi, Bernardo Bertolucci, Marco Tullio Giordana, Daniele Luchetti, Emanuele Crialese and many other directors.

Scores composed for the movies of such directors are re-interpreted by Piersanti as suites transcribed here for a chamber ensemble featuring a string quartet, a sax, percussions and piano. Moving between piano and direction, among pieces performed Piersanti describes his experience as a composer for cinema and unknown and particular elements of his work.

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This is the example of a programme, for a concert with a total duration of about 1’15” (one hour and fifteen minutes) with scores taken from the following films:

Bianca by Nanni Moretti 1985
Il Caimano  by Nanni Moretti  2006
L’amore ritrovato  by Carlo Mazzacurati 2004
Marianna Ucria  by Roberto Faenza 1998
Così Ridevano by Gianni Amelio 1998
Mio fratello è figlio unico  by Daniele Luchetti 2007
Le chiavi di casa by Gianni Amelio 2004
Io e te by Bernardo Bertolucci 2012

15_12_12-Franco Piersanti - Cagliari - photo_Eugenio_Schirru-_MG_6873-2

“I really love composing cinema scores, entering and being part of that creative process, always a different one, that begins when music and images in motion merge”.